About Good At

Well, maybe not all about it but a lot more than what you get from the About section on the site. Hi!

So, what is Good At anyways? Well, it is just an idea that I had one day during a business class group project in 2015 but that I could never forget or let go of.

The general idea has five parts. That seems like a lot of parts but stay with me.

For whoever you want to become, we are here to help.
With Love, the Good At Crew

Amazing people: Our first belief, is that there are amazing people in this world who are good at so many things that others wish they could be good. But how to find them? How do you even start to ask for help? Well for me, I start with Google of course. Then, YouTube. Then, Pinterest. Then, Instagram and then and then I feel like I know a lot but I don’t really get good at the things I’m interested in because researching those things is easy but actually doing something about it is hard.

Desire to sharing the good: The second part of the idea is that people who are good at things might want to show others about it. But how do they find them? How do they connect? How do they create a set up to get booked and to get paid? They probably do the same things that I do. They Google, YouTube and research but in the end they may not do anything because doing something is hard.

Already sharing: The third part is that people are already sharing what they are good at. Either with videos on Youtube, sharing in Instagram, podcasting, or posting in groups like Reddit, Facebook or in blogs. These are amazing people who are good at something and love sharing and might want to connect with their fans while earning some additional money sharing what they are passionate about.

In person is better: Fourth, is that not all things can be learned alone or online and that not everyone learns best this way. Personalized, and one-on-one is another great option for learning. Having someone that can walk you through the process and that you can ask questions to would be a wonderful way to learn and connect.

Confidence: The last part is about confidence and self sufficiency. People can be found that will do everything and anything for you but there is just something so great about being able to do things for yourself. To know that you have the skills ability and confidence to get “it” done. I know that I don’t always feel this way and it keeps me from trying things that interest me because I’m nervous, and worried about trying something new. But if I had a coach, mentor, teacher or just a friend that I could talk to, well maybe I’d be good at so much more.

That is where Good At comes to the rescue! Da Da Da DA! At least that is my hope and why I decided to go ahead with this idea. For those who want to share what they are good at, they can easily create listings, get booked and get paid. For those who want to get good at something, they can find someone that can help them with their specific need.

Who is Good At for exactly? Well, the dreamer in me says that it is for EVERYONE but the realist knows that this isn’t for everyone because nothing is.

But for those who are good at something, I imagine that this is a person with something to share and they are willing to take time out of their lives to meet with others either in person or online to teach them. Being a good instructor is not something that everyone can do but for those who want to and are able to then Good At may just be what they are looking for. (To read my deep thoughts about instructors, check out this post)

For those who want to be good at something, I imagine that you haven’t found what you are looking for in all the other options. You’ve searched the Google, YouTube and other resources but still haven’t found a way that works for you. Online videos don’t allow for asking questions or getting personalized information. Traditional learning from schools or continuing education classes, is more than what you are interested in or there are scheduling issues. You need more help. We are here for you. (Want a little more info for learners, check out this post)

What can you learn from Good At? Again the dreamer in me says EVERYTHING and this time the dreamer might be right. I imagine amazing combinations of instructors and learners. Like a hairdresser that helps a single dad learn how to take care of his daughter’s hair with an in home visit. A makeup artist helping a trans-woman get good at makeup. A beauty Instagram-er who helps someone improve their skin care routine with a shopping trip. A handyman teaching new homeowners on how to maintain their home with a visit and teaching them about it. A mechanic teaching a teenager how to change a tire and care for their first car. A person good at budgeting helping a widow organize the bills that their spouse was in charge of. I’ve recently heard the term of “Adulting classes”. I see Good At instructors being available to help people learn how to Adult. I mean, why not? Everyone is good at something and everyone has something that they want to be good at. If you want to see my crazy list of ideas, check out this post.

So, if you want to get good at something, let us help you. Or if you want to help people get good at something then join Good At. Together we can get good at EVERYTHING!

But let’s be realistic about one thing Good At is a baby and there are not very many or really any people offering up their skills, talents and knowledge up (as of 05/01/2019 there is only one listing, bummer). Well, with no one listed as an instructor how are you suppose to get good at anything? You are going to get good at things by letting us know that you need help. Send us an e-mail at hello@goodat.com or send a message to us through the website’s contact page. We will do all we can to find someone willing to help you get good at the thing that you want to learn. We want to be part of your journey to improve your life in whatever way makes you happy.

And for those who are thinking, “Hey, I’m good at something but I don’t think that anyone else is interested or would want to learn from me”. Well, don’t worry about that and join anyways. You do not have to create any kind of listing but by joining you will be one of the people we reach out to first when looking for instructors. You never know when there will be a request exactly your kind of help.